MAN TGX E5 BY XBS Fixed v1.0

– Fixed on-board computer (before that it was displayed incorrectly)
– Added sounds from the standard Man’a
– Added glass animation (there are jambs, but in general it works well)
– Slightly improved the texture of the truck from the outside (in a future update I will improve the textures in the cabin)

! There is a navigator highlight bug (I know, I’ll try to fix it in the next version), as well as small problems with the lightmask (I’ll also try to fix it in the next versions)

!! If you have any suggestions for this truck, write in the comments.


DOWNLOAD 76 MB [mirror]

14 thoughts on “MAN TGX E5 BY XBS Fixed v1.0

  1. omosheyin

    oh nice you fixed them i am glad somebody did.. you knowing is there way to fix trailer pack? they work,but they do not appear in the game,

    1. Scania Production

      I will try to do it in the next updates

  2. omosheyin

    also trying to fix renault t range with swap body chassis,maybe you could help me

  3. Do you know about the error with the crane and cargo being completely red when choosing the dropside chassis?

    1. omosheyin

      hmm.i believe you don’t have the trailer pack,maybe is using its’ll find it here

      1. i do have the trailer pack.

    2. Scania Production

      hmm… when I checked, I didn’t have any errors with the crane! Maybe there is a conflict with other mods?

      1. with the dropside crane on the 4×2 and 6×4 you had no problems??

        1. omosheyin

          i checked it as well and i got no issue

          1. Youre using the 4 axle chassis, im talking about the 2 and 3 axle straight trucks.

  4. Now its crashing with this code [model] Model animation ‘/vehicle/truck/man_tgx_2010/interior/i_diff.pma’ has incorrect file version 3 – expected version 4. Converting…

    1. omosheyin

      did you enable any additional man sound?

  5. Kann zwar den LKW kaufen aber sobald ich auf aufrüsten gehe, bricht das Spiel zusammen. Auf der ersten Version Ihres Modells hatte ich keine Motorgeräusche. Wäre schön, wenn Sie die Fehler beheben könnten. Ist ein super lKW

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