MAN TGX E6 v1.9 [1.47]

MAN TGX E6 Hotfix

Rebuilded file to scs
Fixed manifest versiob
Updated some new materials

Base model: SCS Software
Cabins: XL / XLX / XXL
Chassis: 4×2 BLS / 4×2 LLS-U / 6×2-2 Midlift BLS / 6×2-4 Midlift BLS / 6×2-2 Taglift BLS / 6×4-4 BLS / 8×4-4 BLS
Programs used: Blender / Inkscape /
Many Tuning parts, accessories ETC.



8 thoughts on “MAN TGX E6 v1.9 [1.47]

  1. i have a question about mods
    can you make one for me.
    from th ecompany rick kamphuis transport veendam for volvo and the daf xg

    1. skin-creatorzZZzz

      yeah tomoorow 🙂

      1. thx

  2. MAN_TGX_E6_v.1.9_Hotfix_UNPACK.rar unzipped mod is more than 1.3gb hmmm what about you? how did it increase by 4?

    1. It’s a STOLEN upload.

  3. LadenSwallow

    No verified creator on modsfire => STOLEN

  4. Hello when i upload your mods ( so cool Thanks ) i see a truck transport the 3 shot , can you said me , the name of this , please , i well be so happy to drive a truck , excuse my very bad English languge Thanks and God bless you

  5. Hi It would real cool to get also that low loader trailer I see in the third pic! Best wishes.

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