MAN TGX Euro 6 H.Essers Skin

Essers (1) Essers (2)

H.Essers Skin for MAN TGX Euro 6 from MADster Truck

Do Not upload on other sites without my permission!

Author: MaceArtworks


5 thoughts on “MAN TGX Euro 6 H.Essers Skin

  1. Elitesquad Modz

    Hey guy, no problem if you have done that. I ask only
    Did you use our mod to base on?

    1. MaceArtworks

      If it’s bad, yes I have. I did not understand how that works with the ETS2studio for a MOD truck. normally I know but like with ETS2 studio goes, it was not then I took your skin, changed the files and then skinned with the Euro 6. I mention you in the credits for the base.

    2. MaceArtworks

      Sorry 🙁

    3. MaceArtworks

      Can you show me how that works with the euro6 man tgx in ETS2Studio? Add me on facebook: Lukas Joachim Kraftfahrer

  2. MaceArtworks

    Thanks ElitesquadModz for the Base!

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