Man Tgx Euro 6 Interior + Low Chassis

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Tested Version: 1.34
Low Chassis 4×2
XXL Interior
If you see a possible bruise in the cabin, it will correct when you restart the game

Samet Arıkan


13 thoughts on “Man Tgx Euro 6 Interior + Low Chassis

  1. milk_chocolate

    will you create this interior for Daf?

    1. new daf or old daf ?

      1. milk_chocolate


  2. hello
    where i can find a template for this truck,?

  3. Here in the Forum from MDModding…
    But it´s still BETA !

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  5. krizzy090

    may i use this as a example i wanna skin the interior of this truck and wanna ask for permission to post my interior online
    because it is originally yours i ask you

    1. İnstagram: sarikannn DM 🙂

  6. krizzy090

    will you also make the interior work for the xlx and xl cab?

    1. bir sonraki modda umarım

  7. milk_chocolate

    or not better new daf

    1. Samet Arıkan

      a few days to share the old

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