MAN TGX Euro 6 Stock Sound


Hi Dear Community. Today I Bring You The Awaited Stock Sound For MAN TGX Euro6, It Works For The MAN TGX Euro6 by MADSter. Please Don’t Re-Upload and Enjoy.

Authors: Yafet Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum.


11 Responses to MAN TGX Euro 6 Stock Sound

  1. MAN E6 TGX26.480 Driver says:

    it is a good idea, how ever, why do modders think it is best to upload a sound mod with no video preview for it lol they must know that until the is a sample of what we’re actually downloading, there simply wont be any downloads. that’s just my opinion though. no preview, no download. sorry

  2. christopher magnier says:

    video ???

  3. Michael says:

    Very nice, but it is lacking the sound from the exhaust/engine brake.

    I know the D38 is quiet, but it aint that quiet.

    pls fix, and keep up the good work.


  4. Renato says:

    Thanks Yafet Rasta Jr., Kriechbaum & you do the best sound mods

  5. Gustav Rhan says:

    good sound my firiend

  6. shoofer says:

    Good job,i like it.nice

  7. FRANK_WOT says:

    I only started using this sound now. Very nice sound thank you.

    This sound together with MADSter’s TGX mod makes a very nice MAN truck to drive with.

    • lembnau says:

      i agree, the MAN from Madster makes such a great truck compared to the SCS MAN Trucks.

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