MAN TGX Euro 6 Template

This is theoreticly a skin which you can edit so you have your own custom skin ingame.

Quick tutorial on how to edit the files.
Extract the files to a folder for easier editing

1.(optional) Go to “defvehicletruckman.tgx_euro6paint_job” edit “templ_settings”
by changing ” name: “Skin Name” “.

2.(optional) You can change “templ” to whatever you want just make sure a
ll the names inside the files match up. (if you never did it before i recomend
you leave it as is).

3. Go to “vehicletruckupgradepaintjobman_tgx_euro6templ” all the files
have a mesh so it should be easy to follow what file represents what part.

4.(optional) Go to “materialuiaccessory” open the imge
with “DXT1 bitmap manipulator” edit the alpha and actual image.

Add to archive make sure its without compression and ends with .scs



5 thoughts on “MAN TGX Euro 6 Template

  1. tunning6000

    how did you create this template?

    1. I extraced the game files and picked a chosed the files responsible for the man truck paintjob. I had to make a dds file to apply a paintjob for the rear wheel fenders. (this is just like any paintjob mod but it allowes you to edit it and make your own paintjob for the new man)

  2. tunning6000

    Why can not you find Base.scs Man TGX Euro 6?

  3. Sven Marks

    Hello, I had used the template for 1.34 and synonymous for 1.35 with DX9, there it ran without problems. But with DX11 at 1.35 the game crashes. Do you have an update before the template?

  4. its a .scs file how can i open this in so i can paint my own skin over it?

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