MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.3

MAN TGX Euro 6 (1) MAN TGX Euro 6 (2) MAN TGX Euro 6 (3)

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Version 1.3:
– Added Ploand country plate
– Heavy bumper
– Rigid chassis (4×2/6×2/6×2-2/6×4)
– New set of decals
– Curtains are back, but in a better shape
– Midland CB Radio
– Loads for rigid chassis (Curtain/Box/Flatbed with crane/Container/Log)
– Led cross (3 versions)
– Laptop ASUS available in 4 variants (Desktop/GPS/GPS+Info/Closed)
– Table in two variants (plastic/wood)
– Coffe maker added
– New icons for service
– Compatible with Flemming V’s Tandem Pack
– New skin for Heavy duty

3D – MADster & SCSSoftware & Giants Software


28 Responses to MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.3

  1. Female Trucker says:

    Does this mod, still need the sound mod for the engine, that was made for the V1.2 version please?

  2. Female Trucker says:

    Does this mod, still need the sound mod for the engine, that was made for the V1.2 version or ! Does it have it’s own sound now please?

  3. CubeGregory says:

    Verry GUT! DANKE!!

  4. Puncake says:

    how to get the tandem to work?

  5. ak47gp30 says:

    make tga please..

  6. scott says:

    hi it dnt work for me 🙁 i have deactivated madster tgx restared the game im not great with mods plz help

  7. Giants90990 says:

    Mod stolen! Author I gyants90990! Remove written!

  8. gillou_18 says:

    I just found your mods MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.3 …
    I find it great, and inside there is a detail that pleases most of all …
    in the video from 6 minutes and 12 seconds you activated a detail on the man “the bumper template” ….
    I would like to know, if it would be possible to create mods that with this “bumper template” but for all trucks (Euro 6 Man, hy-way Iveco, Volvo Fh, Daf Euro 6, Renault and Mercedes Range T mp4 and antos) ????

    Thank you in advance

  9. sljiva_fh says:

    where to find bdf trailer?

  10. dar4eto says:

    What about to put fast blinker? MAN E5, and MAN E6. Really its annoy to hear the sound.

  11. lexik223 says:

    It doesn’t have any tandem trailer?

  12. 1203 says:

    Отличный мод,но реально не все прицепы к нему подходят 🙁 и звука кнопок нет

  13. Anonymous One says:

    Amazing mod!!!
    I would only improve the display, because I cannot read it well.
    Thnx so much. Regards.

  14. TruckerBG says:

    Amazing Mod!!!

    But would you do TGA after TGX Euro 6 ?

    Sorry for bad English! 🙂

  15. Redneck50 says:

    All the plastic parts are blue. Why is that?

  16. Travego says:

    Very good job,but the interior,the dashboard is very bad.Maybe in the next update to make it more original.

  17. Joe says:

    Very nice mod.
    My request is can you make an 8X4 chassis with liftable axles (front axle of the three) ?
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Darren says:

    awesome work as always 🙂 I haven’t yet updated to 1.20, I’m waiting for the finished update. is the mod compatible with 1.19?

  19. Robertcarrizal says:


  20. ursturbo says:

    Great job!THX!

  21. Vlad says:

    Awesome modI have this mod for a long time.Gonna be nice if you make something and for Iveco Stralis or Hi Way

  22. Trucker1992 says:

    hello from slovakia, this model is very beautifull, i searching model MAN TGA in this stile, 3 cabs, more spoilers…. sorry my bad english 😉

  23. IDM says:

    Very good!

  24. flemming jorgensen says:

    Nice truck.. but where can i find some interior light for the truck??

  25. Marko says:

    Please update for 1.21 and DLC interior accessories.

  26. TruckerBG says:

    Amazing mod!Would you make a TGA ? PLEASE!

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