MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.5


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Version 1.5:
* A set of blankets
* New rear fenders
* Painteble rear fenders
* Remaked air tanks
* Removable fender’s top
* Added front fenders
* Plastic bumper for Normal and Heavy
* Cab lights (reb/green/blue/yellow/white)

Authors: MADster & SCSSoftware & Giants Software


29 thoughts on “MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.5

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      Picture from Tandem… Trailerpack not included.

      1. Adriandelahunedoara

        How do you get the tandem trailers?

  1. Zallamann

    Test HD on v1.21.1s

  2. I was waiting already very much 1.22.The best mod

  3. Celtic-Warrior

    Can you make maybe next Version for this Truck
    Low Chassi ?

  4. Hello MADster,
    Great truck as always, already have it and enjoy it.
    I only have one request: can you make the front axle liftable for the 8×4 chassis.
    It really bothers me because if it was liftable, that would make my heavy MAN even more realistic.
    Please reply. Thanks.

  5. Great stuff, really enjoy it, is it possible to add my DLC Viings paint jobs to it though, how would I do this if it was?

  6. cabin DLC added to the RHD interior yet?

  7. breizhdave

    Hello flashing sounds were more pleasant in version 1.4

  8. HD Review 1080p:
    Enjoy the video 🙂

  9. please record the video how to make the inscription on the visor

  10. Another video to make sure you have a reason to download it.

  11. Doc_KryToX

    thanks for this mod

  12. thx for the mod 😉
    template coming son ?

  13. MADster,Can you make a plastic bumper for your MAN TGA ?

  14. Otodranik

    Please correct back mirrors!

  15. people 🙂 how tern on light in the interior?

    1. Use key O

      1. NightWolf149

        Can you tell me how to revert wipers back like in 1.3 version because this is too small, wipers should cover almost whole windshield and yours are not,i have driven this truck in real life and i know this just look bad and it shoudn’t be like that

  16. Sehr schöner MAN TGX Euro 6!!!!!
    Bitte tausche die Anzeigen für die Tankanzeige und die Temperatur im Display du hast sie mit der UK und Europa Version vertauscht!
    Tankanzeige und Temperaturanzeige müssen links sein!
    Vielen Dank, für den tollen Mod

  17. so what the point,it is almost the standart truck that is already in the game?? and this truck changed the sound of engine of another truck (century),when i tried it,anyway looks good…

  18. Sound is still not fixed … still no sound when turning on the engine , no idling sound .. only when accelerating

  19. MAN Driver

    Hey Madster I’ve got a question
    would be possible in the
    next version of the MAN Euro6 a low Chassi
    Add? on the 4×2 and 6×2 / 4? chassi?

  20. Hey Madster & Co.. Fantastic truck, like it very! Keep up the good work!

    Ist it possible to add Sidemarklights on the Chassis for the next version? Would be nice. Thx.

  21. Awesome truck ! 😀
    The only one thing, can you try to fix a bit the lights “power”? I think its a bit too much, if you compare the original trucks. I don’t know maybe, you had some mod for lights turned on, but it looks a bit irreal :/ Otherwise its superb !

  22. AChilledOutLlama

    Brilliant mod! One problem though, why is there no Cabin modifications for the RHD cab? Surely if you could make it for the LHD then you can make it for the RHD too?

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