MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.6

MAN-TGX-Euro-6-1 MAN-TGX-Euro-6-2

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Version 1.6:
* New and repolished mirrors (4 variants each)
* Dark and painted windows
* More paintable parts
* Small changes on template
* Fixed UV for painted doorhandle
* New utility tower
* RPM indicator corrected
* Added dials on radio
* Some small fixes on every chassis
* Retextured headlights and rearlights
* Realistic outside “interior”
* Extra horns work now

Authors: MADster & SCS Software & Gians Software


30 thoughts on “MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.6

  1. Mr.GermanTruck
  2. great Truck! I love to drive with your MAN TGX,thank you madster for your awesome work and for sharing with us!

  3. MAN-TGXa 18,440 XLX Fan

    Hai Madster please fix your Euro5 MAN TGX 2.0

  4. Нижние фары не горят

    1. Противотуманные фары ? Они работают.

  5. Thanks MADster???????

  6. Gnaddelig

    Klasse TGX, aber warum kann man beim Air Intake nicht die farbe wechseln? Das fehlt noch!

    1. Das Teil hat wieder aufgebaut werden.

  7. Svaka čast MadSter!
    add tandem trailer for this mod

  8. RO E compatibil modul cu SISL’s Mega pack feat Star Wars v1.5.1? sau addon-urile jeyjey-16 v3.6?

    Pot edita modul pentru folosire personala?

    1. Nu testez compatibilitatea cu alte moduri 🙂 poti incerca sa vezi ce se intampla. Daca e DOAR uz personal, atunci da.

  9. Ce modificari bag la camionul asta! Nu o sa-ti vine sa crezi! O sa fac multe accesorii pentru TIR: totul v-a fi testat si creat doar pentru uz personal.DACA o sa ma lasi sa-l public, nu camionul in sine doar accesoriile, o sa-ti trimit poze cu capul-tractor si stagiile in care este modificatiunea. La MAN-ul tau ala vechi (TGA) o sa planuiesc sa fac interioriul perfect ca am vazut la comentarii ca interiorul arata ca interiorul unei dube Iveco TurboDaily. PT UZ PERSONAL!!!!!!
    Am testat accesoriile pe TIR si merg perfect!
    Am multe idei si sunt creativ. AR FI TARE SA-TI VAD CAMIOANELE IN AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR!!! Convertestele!!!!!!! PLSSSS!!!!!

    Apropo, Dinu te cheama!!!!! 😉 HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Daca ai cont pe forumul de la SCS vorbim acolo. Trimite-mi un PM.

  10. upper headlight error pls fix it (missing texture)

  11. Hello MADster, I have a question, it’s possible to make the news parts on the MAN TGX Euro 5. You make a beautiful WORK 😀

  12. Hello MADster, great work as usual.
    I have one request: can you make an 8X4 chassis with a liftable axle?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. NIce mod , i have a question.
    Are you planning to continue work on the modification and make chassis type low deck

  14. Light the cabin light?

  15. Black13Gangs

    Hey schöner Lkw fahre ich sehr gerne zeit v1.2 wegen du es so gut nachbaust 🙂 nur mich stört es bisschen das ich kein passende Bdf trailer finde und wollte wissen ob du überhaupt für den Man E6 ein Trailer extra erstellen möchtest das es auch past von der Kupplung her würde ich echt Top finden und mach einfach weiter wie jetzt 😉

    Mit Freundlichen Grüßen Black13Gangs

  16. Hello MADster i have a question.

    can you make a MAN pack with LOW DECK Trucks ??

    pls answer.
    ps. sorry for my bad english 🙂

  17. Hello author fashion Man tgx euro 6 please add exclusive salon but not under the tree and under plastic

  18. nigel rose

    hey Madster great work as usual, is it possible to make a mod of the air lines joining the truck to the trailer, keep up the good work thanks

  19. Does anyone know where I can geht an high quality 8×4 chasse for the Euro 5 TGX where I can set the color of the wings?

  20. GREAT MOD! But sound cracking 🙁 v1.22.2.8 sc: Xonar esssence

  21. wieso kann ich kein normalen skin wechseln

  22. Is that the UK right handed cab didn’t support cabin accessories DLC? Also, I can’t see the curtain from the interior. Thanks for update.

  23. r.d trucking

    Steering wheel broke on left side help please!!!

  24. does the 1.6 have the “lift axle indicator”?

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