MAN TGX Euro 6 v 2.0

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Added in v2.0:
The whole model was reuilded/retouched
-Interiors: Facelift/Performance Line/Performance Lion
-Animations: Lifted axle icon
-Dashboard display: Retarder indicator
-Roof bars: 5 variants available in Paint/Chrome
-Low/bottom bars: 5 variants available in Paint/Chrome
-Side bars: 2 variants available in Paint/Chrome
-Bumpers: Facelift/Facelift Heavy
-Skins: Performance Line/Performance Lion/Red Lion 500
-Addons: Lights/Small lights
-Rear bumpers: 5 variants
-Rear mudflaps: 8 variants
-Interior parts: GPS/Fridge/Front camera
-Sideskirts: 6 variants
-Low deck chassis

Rigid Chassis content:
-Realistic models
-12 chassis variants
-5 boxes (Curtain/Reefer/Log carrier/Container/Flatbed)
-6 loads (Container/Logs/Bricks/Metal Coil/Square Tubing/Metal Pipes)

Have fun! 🙂

Special thanks to: CobraBlue6 (Craig) for testing and def fixes

MADster, CobraBlue6, SCSSoftware


45 thoughts on “MAN TGX Euro 6 v 2.0

  1. TruckSimMods

    Video Review HD:

  2. ChudyTruck3r

    game version?

    1. 1.30.x

      1. Bartas112

        Can you put a 1500hp+ Engine to this MAN ? ^^

      2. Which dealer is it at

  3. hello, I hope steam workshop better MAN TGX Euro 6 v 2.0 thanks out lg Marius

    1. That won’t happen very soon, you should download this one.

  4. EmirAkcaman

    can you make the sounds in man tgx e5 ?

    1. I will when it’s update time will come.

      1. EmirAkcaman

        Thank you very much I am waiting with curiosity….

  5. FoxOnTheBox

    Fantastic work MADster!

    HD Video tested on 1.30


    Can you provide us an alternative link !?

  7. AzoraxModdingGaming

    HD Test Video 1080p 1.30:

  8. kilian54800

    Super mod madster your man are very well done.

  9. a man tgl would be nice

  10. Thank you, Madster, now I will wait for the new Templates.

    Since Years I´ve taken your MAN´s ( I´m german also… 🙂 ) and
    every Update is for me a very nice Present and I´m got them directly.

      1. Thank you very much, Madster,
        I´m happy to find them now… 🙂

        Have a nice Sunday

      2. Please Make real mirrors for the Man


  11. good job it super mod

  12. why is it failing?

  13. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  14. Driverstein

    Video with this amazing truck:

  15. Dieter Debo

    Great truck,thank you!

  16. detailed REVIEW:

  17. Hi, ##### your mod is great but you could correct something is the steering wheel you take the old and you change the central part with the 2018 version because qie that you made of central part is too small

  18. Thank you, MANster ;P

  19. ian sayer


    1. You will find in the Archive a Mod “MAN Sunshield_Text.scs” with a Template inside.
      Make your Sunshield, save as png and after that you must save him as a dds (for Example with PaintNet)
      Give your dds the Name “sunshield_text” and replace that one in the Archive.
      Than you can active the Mod.
      Good Luck 🙂


    At your next update can you make the gps/radio in higher quality !
    thank you !!

  21. SiMoN3 ETS2

      ehi questo e del mio canale simon adesso lo togli perche non tuo va bene ciao

  22. How can I get a load for a rigid chassis?

  23. I don´t get it ! I can only run the old version from steam???
    this one is in my mod list but dont work at all????
    H E L P …………. ;(((

  24. Polaczek3

    Nice mod 😀

  25. FoxWilla1

    Dont work!!! (I have game version 1.30.x)!

    1. johnboy32115

      This is a brilliant mod
      Thank you

  26. Lucas Sisk

    Hello, can you please do a diffrent dashboard it looks too much like the old one other that that i love the mod and also can you make the headlight look diffrent as well please.

  27. Truck is not showing up in MAN dealers after 1.31 beta update. Did feedback about this in Steam Workshop as well. Please fix this, thank you 😉

  28. truck is not showing up in MAN dealerships, please fix, thanks

  29. I like this mod a lot finally new truck to drive but tandem options normal/low deck are not really compatible with BDF. It can hook up tandem trailers but trucks front end lifts up when it’s done or if I use 6×2*4 (with tag down) it can barely turn and acceleration is simillar as driving on icy road…although overall really nice mod, no problems with standard chassis just the tandem ones

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