Man TGX open pipe sound mod (windows down)


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Hi all,

I had with my friend Volidas so many requests about an opened pipe
sound for the MAN. I do not drive this truck so much, but, for these
who like this truck, here is an opened pipe sound with the windows
Personnaly i always drive windows up. ahahhaah.
So i prefer my previous open pipe for all trucks.




15 thoughts on “Man TGX open pipe sound mod (windows down)

  1. waited too long for this……THANKS

    1. you and my friend volidas

  2. link download trailer

  3. Fckng awesome!

    Great sound for my favorite truck.

    Thanks for the share.

    1. Through speakers it sounds great however,
      through headphones when you step on the gas you hear alot of little ticks, it sounds that particular ogg is too loud.

  4. Trucker Melli

    toller sound, nicht böse sein aber der hört sich eher nach scania an würde ihn gerne haben für die R serie! super arbeit!

  5. kriechbaum

    Thx everyone, for the little poppings on headphones, i’ll check it tomorrow and post an update if possible.

    See u .

    1. Sounds GOOD!!! GOOD!!! GOOD!!!
      Nice mate.

  6. it is better and the best^^

  7. You have done well again. now find time to do a complete set for all the trucks since you are the sound developer of the year and I will collect them all for 1.9.22 version.

  8. cia taikieta

  9. L6 SOUND?

  10. version 2 coming soon? 🙂 (to get rid of the popping sounds)

  11. Macedoniann Warrior !!


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