MAN TGX Reworked v 1.8

MAN TGX Reworked (1) MAN TGX Reworked (3) MAN TGX Reworked (2)

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Version 1.8:
– New spoilers for all cabs
– Separated fuel tank from storage units for 6x chassis
– New icons for the shop
– Remaked top for all cabs
– Added slots for beacons on roof
– Added slot for horns on the left side of the cab
– New logo available in two variants original/new
– Added all indicators for the dashboard
– Orange dasboard lights
– Retarder/Lifted axle indicators added
– New Ambient Occlusion for bumpers Normal/Heavy
– New Ambient Occlusion for cabs XL/XLX/XXL
– New Ambient Occlusion for all spoilers
– Lots of small fixes/improvments
– Efficient Line badge
– Country oval plate
– New engine sound (Thanks to Paulnice)
– New display (Thanks to kuba141)
– Realistic Model
– Added description and icon for mod list (1.19.x)

Authors: MADster, SCSSoftware, Giants Software


15 thoughts on “MAN TGX Reworked v 1.8

  1. Mr.GermanTruck
    1. Mr.GermanTruck
      It is published: July 20, 2015.
      You why to deceive people!???

      1. He’s not the author of this mod he just made the video..

  2. I have attached mode , start a new game , took a ride with the new MAN and when I wanted to buy a truck (Dortmund ) , the game was crashed!!!

  3. Crash on latest 1.19 patch (Steam)…


      1. Hm…looks like a mod conflict. I tried this the other day, had no issues buying/driving the truck

      2. Nico… didn’t you die in ’89? Spooky…

  4. TodoMundoLocko

    This mod is awesome! Ty

  5. No issues with this mod, I like it.

  6. I love this man but i see one bug 🙁

    1. If you stop it is okay but when you move … STOP MOVING

  7. How SCS software can allow their work to be so far back, say interior
    not only bag the dashboard, but also navigation incorrect, ie. does not work at all.
    For me, it is better to drive a truck in the original game, but this child a toy.

  8. Work with 1.21?

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