MAN TGX Trashtruck Slovak


This is new version of the MAN TGX Trashtruck used in Slovakia

Dragon Modz, mitterivan


3 Responses to MAN TGX Trashtruck Slovak

  1. Tierama says:

    Are you making this for more trucks?

    • DragonModz says:

      Hi mate im the one who made the truck the person who did the back just edited the skin for it but i will not be continuing the trash truck project.

  2. Romanko1998 says:

    Čau, prosím vytvor aj skin NKS (nitrianske komunalne služby) 😀 bude to sranda, len by si ešte mohol troška vylepšiť ten skin toho trucku…
    …si vôbec slovák??? 😀

    Hi, Please also create the skin of NKS (nitra´s municipal services) 😀 It’ll be fun, but you could still improve the skin of this truck…
    …and are you from slovakia??? 😀

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