MAN TGX v1.8


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Features v1.8:
-New spoilers for all cabs
-Separated fuel tank from storage units for 6x chassis
-New icons for the shop
-Remaked top for all cabs
-Added slots for beacons on roof
-Added slot for horns on the left side of the cab
-New logo available in two variants original/new
-Added all indicators for the dashboard
-Orange dasboard lights
-Retarder/Lifted axle indicators added
-New Ambient Occlusion for bumpers Normal/Heavy
-New Ambient Occlusion for cabs XL/XLX/XXL
-New Ambient Occlusion for all spoilers
-Lots of small fixes/improvments
-Efficient Line badge
-Country oval plate
-New engine sound (Thanks to Paulnice)
-New display (Thanks to kuba141)
-Realistic Model

MADster & SCSSoftware & Giants Software


17 Responses to MAN TGX v1.8

  1. MADster says:

    I found some issues at the mod that crashes the game.

    Here is the fix:

    One of the admins please update the download links and add tis one too as “DOWNLOAD FIX”


  2. DaWeHuN says:


    Can you make fast blinker? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. toni says:


  4. ak47gp30 says:

    fix crash too

  5. Marko says:


  6. KefirTV says:

    HD video uploading….(73%)

  7. Vladimir says:

    Verry nice sound and verry nice dashboard big thankss!!!!!!

  8. DaWe says:

    Can you make real blinker speed? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Darren says:

    nicely done MADster, my only issue is that I can’t enter the MAN dealerships when the mod is on. it only displays my mp4. so right now I can only edit the 1 TGX I have in my garage but can’t buy anymore because of this glitch.

  10. Darren says:

    thanks for taking notice. another issue is the fact iv had to use the interior file from your Euro 6 mod. since v1.7 of the TGX, the right indicator blinker in the UK interior hasn’t worked. so I replaced the file with the Euro 6 interior and it cured the problem. might be something you want to check for yourself. still though, fantastic work

  11. RosVlad says:

    MADster have a nice day! I have a question. Can you do Man TGS model? At a forum there is a good model

  12. paolo says:


    There is a (bad) problem with textures on the side spoilers on my game which was not present in v1.6. I tested the skin on v1.6, and the black patches are NOT there. Also not on unmodified MAN (removed mod.)

    Image file here:

    Otherwise, everything works great…!!!

    • MADster says:

      I know two ways to fix that ๐Ÿ™‚
      1. Disable my TGX Euro 6
      2.Download and add the fix (link is at first comment here ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  13. TodoMundoLocko says:

    ON THE ROAD video review

    Working fine!!

  14. CanadAvenger says:

    Looks really good!

    Only problems I have are:

    – The numbers and details on the info panel (dashboard) are jumbled together and hard to read, especially the fuel economy one. The cruise control speed also overlaps the border on that frame
    – If you mount an airhorn to the side slot, it is there visually but does not actually function

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