Manac 2 Axles Trailer

Manac-2-Axles-1 Manac-2-Axles-3

Standalone trailer
Works in 1.24.x
Advance coupling
Compatible with DLC Scandinavia
Copyrighted mod under licence XQVW-EYUH-GIXL-OYLX

Don’t upload and respect the credits

Authors: MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, Hammer, Ivan Zvada Jr. aka Hardtruckisthebest, Chris(bayonet)


3 thoughts on “Manac 2 Axles Trailer

  1. lordmodets2

    broken link

  2. it works to me

  3. There’s a problem with Sharemods lately, it writes “No file” and also give you pop-ups to other websites (and I’ve got Adblock).
    Dear modders, please upload to other hosters at least until they solve their problems. Thanks.

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