Manac Logger 4 Axles Trailer

Manac Logger (1) Manac Logger (3) Manac Logger (2)

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This trailer Contains 6 diferent cargos
Compatible with versions 1.18.x and 1.19.x
Fully standalone
All trailers appears in traffic

Credits: In 18 wos – Ivan’s, Yo-Nad
Conversion to ETS2 by B4RT

1. Unrar
2. Put the .SCS file in your mod folder
3. Activate the mod on Mod Mananger in your ETS2 Game
4. Have Fun


Authors: Ivan’s, Yo-Nad, B4RT


12 Responses to Manac Logger 4 Axles Trailer

  1. B4RT says:

    Join on the Facebook Group to folow updates and new projects:

  2. traveller says:

    good work!

  3. bikkel says:

    Game 1.19 last version crascht

  4. K-whopper says:

    thanks like your usa trailers keep them coming

  5. K-whopper says:

    trailer looks good nice job making sure lights n signals are working.

    next trailer release is a nice low boy trailer , hope u release with wheels in pic??

    • B4RT says:

      Yes, I would leave all functional wheels, start the work day will!

  6. FRANK_WOT says:


    Great looking trailer. I’ve been looking for a decent log trailer this last week and just look at this! Nice.

    Unfortunately doesn’t work for me. I’m using v1.19.2.1s(64-bit) and tested it with and without mods. Still crash without other mods.

    Please check if you can fix it. Would love cart a load ‘a logs in this trailer.

    PS: Can’t wait for the low boy project. Will be a very nice trailer to have.

  7. FRANK_WOT says:

    This is error in game.log.txt

    00:00:33.053 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmd” in the read_only mode
    00:00:33.054 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmg” in the read_only mode
    00:00:33.054 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmd’
    00:00:33.054 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmg’
    00:00:33.072 : [model] Model descriptor ‘/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmd’ is malformed.
    00:00:33.072 : [model] Model geometry ‘/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmg’ is malformed.
    00:00:33.107 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmd” in the read_only mode
    00:00:33.107 : [ld] failed to open /vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmd
    00:00:33.108 : model_template.cpp(558): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Failed to load model descriptor (.pmd) or model geometry (.pmg) for ‘/vehicle/wheel/steel/rearusa.pmg’.

    • Rafael_Raiden says:

      try to activate other trailer launched by b4rt, as utility trailer, and then activate the manac trailer below the other one, or change the priority of the mod, just to make utility trailer to load first. if you want to use only this mod, you’ll need to put those missing files from other b4rt trailer on the manac mod archive, into the correct path. If you can’t, i think b4rt can do it and release a fix to this great trailer đŸ˜‰

    • B4RT says:

      I’m sorry man, I put the file lacked the wheels together, was a my mistake, there goes the fix, I think that solves the problem.

      • FRANK_WOT says:


        Thanks a lot guys. Trailer is now working 100%. I’m using it with all other mods including railway and military trailer pack from jazzycat.

        Thanks for the quick feedback and fix, much appreciated. I cant wait for the lowboy. Keep up the good work.


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