Mandersloot DAF, Volvo and trailer skins


Skin working with DAF SuperSpaceCab , DAF SpaceCab and VOLVO FH Globetrotter XXL
Trailer replaces Eurogoodies
Tested on version
Authors: maniek134, satan19990


2 Responses to Mandersloot DAF, Volvo and trailer skins

  1. Freddy J says:

    Very nice, but there is no trailer, it is not in the downloads,

    Great work guys!


    Freddy Jimmink

  2. Freddy phantom says:

    Great mod, I happen to work for Mandersloot đŸ™‚
    Any chance you guys can make a separate trailer mod so it will show in the ETS2 world ?
    And since a few monts we also have some scania’s stationed in Codlea Romania ( in case youd like to extend the Mandersloot fleet )
    Ill defenately will download it in case you will.

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