Mandic Komerc TGX E6 Skin Replica

Mandic Komerc
Truck: MAN TGX E6
Company: Mandic Komerc
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina
-Realistic and high resolution 4K Mandic Komerc textures
-Realistic UI Workshop icon
-Including Manifest
-Metalic Skin Option
-Made in coorporation with Mandic Komerc
-Standalone Mandic Komerc Sunshield
-Bosnia & Hercegovina Licenc Plate in slot (Countryplates)
-Works with MADster MAN TGX E6 Mod
*Update 1.1*
-Made Skin ready for Combo Packs
-More Secured Skin
-New model pmd version x506d6714
-Small bug fixes
-Works on 1.27.x and up!
For Mod requests and questions:
This work is protected by International Interlectual Property copyright laws.
Real life replicas are made under the Creative Commons License.
Alteration is permitted distribution is permitted with indication of
The author and the original link to Sharemods.

GamerHacker, MADster


One thought on “Mandic Komerc TGX E6 Skin Replica

  1. Great Jobs my frend , litl skin

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