Map “Around Russia” beta


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Map “Around Russia”.
Test version 1.22.h
Download both files, unpack and plug in the game. Use a profile from the archive.


DOWNLOAD 667 MB part I

21 Responses to Map “Around Russia” beta

  1. Diman48rus says:

    Полная лажа !!!

  2. egor174rus says:


    • Darsh71 says:

      hello , can you make a video ? thank you for your work !!!!!! pppfffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  3. Black13Gangs says:

    Look nice man 😉

  4. S-ED says:

    Второй архив не открывается.

  5. JoachimK says:

    More Details, please…
    AddOn? Standalone?
    Compatible with…?

  6. S-ED says:

    Xрень полная.

  7. Karina-Moskva says:

    Зато совместима с русмап и промодс…

  8. Fernandez says:

    кек, скороходовское дерьмо посливали)

  9. blobils says:

    Doesn’t work in, neither with, nor without profile in archive … please more informations about the map and the requirements!

  10. Nico says:

    The map works, at least with provided profile.
    But it’s full of errors and at some points, the lag is huge.
    Can’t and won’t play it for now.

  11. Darsh71 says:

    hello, it’s work with promods and rusmap please ?

  12. Narzew says:

    This map is ####. One road, very small (100% possible in 30 minutes). Models stolen from RusMap.. Don’t worth playing.

  13. cgaston says:

    Crashed my game!!

  14. IMr-Igorek says:

    Какие города там есть ?

  15. jari says:

    cooperate with promods2.0

  16. imchasingyou says:

    this is looks like some old GTS stuff. Preview video shows almost nothing very fast and this fact do not reassuring to try this map.

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