MAP EAA BUS V4.4.1 FOR ETS2 [1.28]

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– Map updated to work on version 1.28 of ETS2 (PM 2.20);
– Addition of several Brazilian cities;
– Map working correctly with DLC France, Scandinavia and Poland, or without them or with any of them.


1. Download the files BASE and MAPA in the link below.
2. Extract with WINRAR
3. Paste the scs files into mod folder of the game
DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod
4. Open your ETS2
5. Choose your profile and go to mod manager
6. Take off files of EAA Map 4.4.1 and add files BASE and MAPA of 4.4.1
7. Save your changes
8. Load your profile
9. Enjoy the mod.

– Mapa atualizado para funcionar na versão 1.28 do ETS2 (PM 2.20);
– Adição de várias cidades brasileiras;
– Mapa funcionando corretamente com a DLC França, Scandinávia e Polônia, ou sem elas ou com qualquer uma delas.

1. Baixe a base e o arquivo mapa
2. Extrair com o WINRAR
3. Coloque os arquivos scs na pasta mod do jogo
DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod
4. Abra o seu ETS2

EAA BUS 4.4.1

EAA Team (Roberto Restanho, Jhonatan Saibel, Fabiano Teixeira, Luiz Ferreira, Filipe Sampaio, Gustavo Siebel & Victor Rodrigues)

DOWNLOAD 963 MB base
DOWNLOAD 48.5 MB map

10 thoughts on “MAP EAA BUS V4.4.1 FOR ETS2 [1.28]

  1. Al proximo mapa subilo al servidor Mega se puede descargar mas rapido que upload…

  2. is a known lame filehoster with lousy dl-speed.
    Usually the uploaders should avoid this filehoster.
    sharemods is much faster, it runs with full speed……

  3. The ugly on Brazil map…

    1. This is the only one who is BIG. You just could say thanks to them because they make a BIG map ! A BIG GUI ! And a lot of busses ! Do you think it’s funny to make a map ? No. Just try to make one who is not Ugly for you and publish it. We will know WHO can do cute maps.

      I already saw you being rude to trzpro or others else. Stop being so bad to WHO can make mods, and you, try to make some.

  4. hello

    no trailers on maps they’re invisible !!!!!!!!!

    1. No, they are just passengers trailers so this is normal don’t worry xd.

  5. Alex Lima

    Quero agradecer pelo mapa, muito bom, quero também incentiva-lo a produzir mais e melhor e fazer uma sugestão: que o mapa seja compativel com o Promods.

  6. Why+did+I+flash+back+when+I+used+this+map+and+the+base+couldn’t+be+decompressed?

  7. please update for 1.30

  8. Funciona en la 1.30?

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