Map Eastern Express 9.0 for ETS2 1.23.х


Map is compatible with standard cards SCS.

Added new cities:


Game Version: 1.23.

Author: Valera_t Correction of errors, alignment and change to the versions of the game: 1.23.h: voldemar56


14 Responses to Map Eastern Express 9.0 for ETS2 1.23.х

  1. GeriXome says:

    Hay. It’s compatible with promods ? 🙂

  2. sashko says:

    Works on 1.22?????

    • Vasia says:

      I have tested this version of map for with DLCs. It works perfectly!!!

  3. sashko says:

    Will it work on 1.22?

  4. rorro says:

    works in version 1.22 ??, why they should try to make it compatible with previous versions to 1.23

  5. Aaron says:

    It does not work, as the mods placed? ( 01,02,03 ) in any way tells me that the game stopped working

  6. OJ Russell says:

    Great map, unfortunately I ran into a spot that kept crashing! Don’t have where readily available but will take some shots of it on my Steam account: OJ Russell!

  7. jaunax says:

    Sa marche pas (french)
    And not work in ets (english)

  8. Andrij says:

    Works with TSM 6.2 ?

  9. minä says:

    Does this work without any DLC????

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