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Returning after a long time, the map Eldorado now called Eldorado Rodobrasil Pro, come in two versions, one DEMO and other PAY. The map Eldorado returns thanks to a partnership with Rodobrasil team and now much worked in the details provides you with player one of the best experiences in the challenge aspect, with potholed roads, steep climbs, dangerous curves and all this without forgetting the details world and made it clear thinking about your fun!
In the demo version the map has all the cities that already had in its free version, but a new town was added to show the level at which the PAID version is.

Eldorado Rodobrasil PRO log:
Fixed bugs of the previous version of the map (1.5)
-Added Support for version 1.22
-Added A new city, Pariquera;
-Added Connection with ports in Scandinavia DLC;
-Map Totally independent of dlc’s.

How to install:
-Make The download link provided in the official Eldorado Rodobrasil PRO map blog;
-Copie The file “Map Eldorado Rodobrasil PRO DEMO.scs” for your mods folder;
-Ative The map;
-Have a good time. 🙂

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Please do not change the download link, thanks.



17 thoughts on “Map Eldorado Rodobrasil PRO DEMO

  1. Nice map!

    1. elvisfelix

      Thanks Goba!

    2. elvisfelix

      Hello Goba , the map is designed to 1.22 , see if no mod causing conflict.

  2. Game crash 🙁

  3. mr. elvisfelix, does it need any dlc?

    1. elvisfelix

      there ‘s no need to dlc 🙂

  4. Acacio Lourenço

    mapa bugado… na saida do porto para Jacupiranga, quando entras na auto estrada o jogo vai abaixo. Vale o trabalho, mas antes de lançar um mapa deve ver os erros.

    1. elvisfelix

      Olá Acacio, o bug será corrigido!

    2. elvisfelix

      Olá Acacio, apos o seu comentario, fiz o teste viajando de calais para Jacupiranga, e naveguei pelo mapa sem nenhum problema, peço por gentileza que verifique se não há nenhum mod conflitando com o mapa. obrigado

  5. Metehan Bilal

    Is it needed dlc ?

    1. elvisfelix

      there ‘s no need to dlc 🙂

  6. 10$ for a pro version seems so expensive.. I think you are not allowed to sell mods… Maybe you could try what promods does.. like charge 1$ for high speed server or else as donation.

    1. elvisfelix

      Hello Asher , the promods ‘s team includes many publishers , while on my map, but I edit , the charge to make this show is very great , because I think just, and in relation to the amount in direct conversion out about $ 8 , even so there is the demo version that is equal to the previous versions and comes another city paid version.

  7. you cannot sell any mod without SCS authorization, do you know about this right?

    you can say \its hard to do!\, but you are working on a content that is not yours.

    i think you have three options
    1- ask for authorization for scs
    2- not sell and release for free
    3- not sell and not release

    1. elvisfelix

      you happen tried to do some map ?!

  8. yes, but i don’t release it
    it’s not fair you make money (charge) on the work of other (SCS)
    Legally you are wrong, this is the point and I just told you

    you can ask for donation, but release for free! release must always be free.

    if you want make money, make a game not a mod.

  9. Welington

    Eu tive Jogando um tempo e fiz uma entrega em uma fazenda madereira não lembro o nome da cidade o local pra descarregar estava so com a seta piscando emcima e não estava demarcado no chão ee não consegui finalizar a entrega não apareceu nem pra aperta Enter e nem pra soltar o reboque

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