Map Eldorado v 1.2 – Patch to fix the closed Gates


Hello everyone, this download is for those who are in trouble with locked gates at some companies. The download is fast and you must activate it with the mod map.

1 – Download the correct patch for map.
2 – Copy to mod folder and enable along with the Eldorado map on your profile.
3 – Good game

Author: elvisfelix


2 Responses to Map Eldorado v 1.2 – Patch to fix the closed Gates

  1. sidnei says:

    com esse fix o mapa acaba ficando perfeito e isso ai não pare com esse maravilhoso trabalho mas lembrando que quando vçs são criticados leve para o lado positivo porque criticas fazem a gente crescer a cada dia mais mas voltando a o assunto do mapa fico perfeito shol de bola mesmo !!!

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