Map Faroe island (Part 2) 1.37

-On the Faroe Islands map, you can get on a ferry from Europe or start the game in any city with a garage.
-The game has its own traffic that has problems with DX11 but everything works stably despite the red line in the log!
-The map is not yet large but will expand in the future.
-Game Version 1.37
-Don’t change the download link



13 thoughts on “Map Faroe island (Part 2) 1.37

  1. Mapa jest na osobny moduł czy działa z innymi też??

  2. compatible with promods 2.46?

    1. Did not check.

  3. make the size smaller please

    1. How?

  4. doesn’t work

    1. Your head does not work!

      1. wOw wHaT aN iNsUlT!!! smh,how about trying to be nicer to people who are interested in ur mods :/

        1. Why then write nonsense and mislead the rest? In the description of the card, I immediately explained that there are not big problems with traffic, but the card works stably! In confirmation of this, there is a video on YouTube and not only mine confirming the performance of the card!

          1. im saying that it doesnt show up when i do the steps that u do when downloading a map mod smh,u could be nice and help with that.

  5. works+10+10+recomend

  6. DLC Needs ?

  7. bonjour ca fait planté le jeux direct . revoir le mod

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