Map Legiunnaire2 v39


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BASE L5 must active

default download : Addon Map ( But you can switch from Addon to Standalone map by open File “Map Legiunnaire2 with winrar or winzip, then go to “map” folder and change the folder name “europe” to “yourplayingmodule” and file “europe.mbd” to “yourplayingmodule”.mbd

Release date Feb 10 2016
Tested on ETS2 patch 1.22 xx

Change list
Map Legiunnaire2 v39
– move to patch 1.22 (def vegetation, game data edited)
– edit def traffic (reduce too much traffic)

REMEMBER only share, report some bugs, latest update of map, previous patch map, official page :

legiunnaire and more in file map

DOWNLOAD 3.1 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 3.1 MB [blogspot]

4 Responses to Map Legiunnaire2 v39

  1. xwildanx says:


  2. sunnyboy2100 says:

    wie soll das gehen?
    verstehe das nicht

  3. Narzew says:

    Hi, could you move your map to don’t collide with Promods/TSM + RusMap + EAA + ROC + TasMap + South Korea + ROS ?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. ikriflaz says:

    map na keren, tapi kadang di tanjakan yang belok ban belakang na suka amblas ke dalem jalan, ada juga compeni ato bengkel yang lebih tinggi dari jalan, jadi maduk gan.
    mapna keren abis, menantang bagt, kalo otomatik susah, kalo nanjak harus manual.
    makasih banyak gan.

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