Map MEIK V3 ETS2 1.36-1.49

This map was made by Mas Imam Kurniawan and continued with Adhi Arianto 1.36, in version 1.37 – 1.48, it only updated the version, there were no additions, just a little change in the def and reworked the base
please see the readme, read the additions 😀

dlc map required:
dlc_nort, dlc_it, dlc_fr, dlc_baltic, and black sea

Imam Kurniawan, Adhi Arianto, Fatkhul Anam


2 thoughts on “Map MEIK V3 ETS2 1.36-1.49

  1. Philip Tripcony

    load order is a bit of a mystery and password thing is a bit pointless
    well I got it running eventually no idea if load order is correct ..conflicting file names from instructions to what you actually have .. but after 20 odd miles it freezes in same spot all the give up

    1. gkvfjx gaming

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