Map Mortal Routes – Crazy about the Wheel – Beta Version

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Map that adds a road with extreme and dangerous routes in the lower part of Italy and France.
You need the DLC’s from France, Going East and Scandinavia.
You must select the module: eurohondu.mbd
Select the cities of de Marseille in France, or Verona, Venezia to be close to the route
It will be updating and correcting errors, Good route.



7 Responses to Map Mortal Routes – Crazy about the Wheel – Beta Version

  1. Strannik75 says:

    Route of this card of course interesting but when you go from Veron on off road terrain that is possible will fail under the card, the road on several sites is broken.

  2. MetalGhostxD says:

    Good map, but there are strong bugs like the terrain to enter the new roads from Verona and Venezia in Italy, it is recommended to enter Marseille in France there is a gas station and you get in there, good ups and downs, as good map, I expect updates

  3. Fsxnoob says:

    Here is some gameplay details of the map 🙂

  4. breiner nieto says:

    Please update it but for the next one that does not require dlc please

  5. rehan says:

    is it compatible with v1.26????

  6. sam says:

    is it for version 1.30x..

  7. Kunal says:

    Can this work on ets2 v.1.30. italia

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