Map Mortal Routes v 1.0 by honducatracho22 (1.31.x)

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Greetings friends, I welcome you to my 2nd map created after my first version:, this contains a redesign of routes , more extreme and dangerous, take into account that the map is developing and will have some errors, since it is a map initiated from scratch, based on my creativity and has no relation to the real!
I share my map with some extreme and crazy routes
In order to play on this wonderful map you need the game in the current version: 1.31.x.

Independent map that you have extreme and dangerous routes that you will have work in going through the routes! :D.

You need the DLC’s from France, Italia, Going East and Scandinavia.

Create a new profile, activate the mod and therefore you must change the module from Europe to hondulandia.mbd and start.
I recommend starting to select the city the point below, for a greater experience on the route!.

It will be updating and correcting errors, Good route.

My YT channel:

Cesar Zelaya (Honducatracho22)


7 thoughts on “Map Mortal Routes v 1.0 by honducatracho22 (1.31.x)

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Is a map or a fix for 793kb ?

    1. Map, no use heavy model for the map, because is size of 793 kb

  2. because always the DLC but excuse but not do another map without dlc ,
    I have two boxes of these dlc all the map hello

  3. porque siempre el DLC, pero lo siento, pero no hacer otro mapa sin dlc

    1. Mejor descarga el ETS2 pirata, asi no tines problemas de DLC, actualmente todos los mapas usan los DLC de expansiones

  4. funciona en la 1.32?

  5. mano recorri el mapa algunos errores pero me gusto me gustaria que le pusieras mas lugares de descanso porque me dormi 400 vece
    y mi camion se y va para el barranco

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