Map Ndesovania v2 for 1.26

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this is the indonesian map of central java. work at ets2 1.26. required DLC Scandinavia & Going East. for the above version coming soon.

– there are 13 cities (9 cities active mission)
– It is recommended to use SaveGame which I have provided, If you want new profile do not activate mod money / xp let no crash happen. but calm down, once you complete the high level direct mission. lots of automatic money (in the form of Rupiah)

*clue password:
There is a ship that will sink within 20 minutes. inside the ship there are 15 passengers and a boat. near the ship there is an island. if traveling back and forth between ship with island spend 9 minutes by boat. and capacity of the boat maximum 5 people. how many people are not saved?
Password Hint: write the numbers only

Jaka Setiawan


22 thoughts on “Map Ndesovania v2 for 1.26

  1. Why is 1.26 version?? Because to game crash it for 1.30……

  2. The boat will load 5 people and return. After the boat will take 5 more people and will return again. And take the last 5 people. Everyone will be saved 🙂

  3. Boat can’t back to ship without at least one person, so there’re 2 people will sink with the ship.

    1. suleshi khany

      hey what is passwed in map

    2. Password In Maps Map Ndesovania v2 by Jaka

  4. 1.26 ?????
    You should know, we have 1.30.xx 🙁


  6. 1.26…. WOOW !

  7. FailShady


  8. why 1.26?

  9. Thats right

  10. I’m sorry, because this map was created in base 1.26 ?


  12. Tigrix95s

    And pass?

  13. suleshi khany


  14. suleshi khany

    give me passwerd in map please

  15. password : 2

  16. super crazy asian

  17. HamburgLJK

    1.26 in 2018, ROFL!

  18. 1.30 please

  19. çılgın sürücü sürümü kullanıyoruz lütfen buna el atın

  20. Yeah The Password is: name

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