Map Republic of Aloma 1.35

-Added winter cities
-For correct operation, you must have everything DLC!
-Start a new game and choose: a.mbd
-With other mods, the card was not checked.
-Download “BASE” and “MODEL” unpack and install.
-The author’s link to the mods is forbidden to change, fake and modify! Those sites that ignore this will be fined!


DOWNLOAD 604 MB [Base]
DOWNLOAD 995 MB [Model]

19 thoughts on “Map Republic of Aloma 1.35

    1. Does it work r not this link

  1. download not work!

    1. Base-

  2. AfzallPixell

    DX11 supported????

    1. From DX 11 there will be departures.

  3. Dear Aretei.

    First of all…i really like your map. It is fun to play…lots of challenging roads. Great. But sadly it isn‘ playable for long because of this error: (error) missing model definition (item 0x2C7E34FCD300001)…..the gamelog is getting full of this line very soon at at some point the game closes because the game log is full. This error occurs on the east part of the map. It was the same with your last version of the map and the error is still there in this one. Please take a look at it…i would really like to explore the map with the new parts. Thank you. Greetings. Frank.

    1. Hello! I checked all the cities and there were no flights. Errors in the log are present but the game is stable. And in which city is the departure taking place or near which city? I have to check again.

      1. Hi again. I started a completely new profile without any mods…like before with the older 1.35 version. The city i started the first quick job is called „Nenin – Aloma 2“. And i noticed a big hole near a construction place. The error filled up the game log and then the game closed after a few minutes….because the game lock reaches it‘s limit.

        1. Yes, now I checked the city and there is a problem, but the game does not crash! When the card was made for version 1.35, there were some changes and the models from the old version simply disappeared. I’ll add models that are missing, but the error will still remain ((I regret the SCS was removed from the streets by not many pedestrians, but I still have them and an error pops up for this. I’ll finalize the city for the next version, and you can start the game from another city I repeat that there are errors in the log but the card is working stably and quite a few videos were shot about it in Youtube.

          1. Hello again.

            Ok…thank you for your effort Aretei. But….playing in regions where this error occurs will… i said before…..sooner or later ….the game log bring to it’s limit and the moment when the game can’t create new listings because of the limit it will shut down. In the previous version of your beautiful map it wasn’t possible to play for more than ten minutes or so (in some regions) before ctd. It all depends on where you are on the map. This error listing “(error) missing model definition (item 0x2C7E34FCD300001)” is not created a singlke time but hundreds of times very fast….and that’s the problem. I tried now on two different pc’s every time without any mods except yours……same on both pc’s. I’m sorry to bother you….i just wanted to tell you about it. Have a nice day!

  4. Thank you for providing a great map. However, it is not comfortable to mix real and unreal areas, so if possible, will you please make a map that erases the real (Baltic Sea) area?

    1. Thank. Baltic Sea cannot be removed anymore, but I plan to make it invisible and not working, leaving only Aloma.

  5. Hello!
    After the first fast ride, the game will exit !!!
    Steam.exe has stopped working

  6. andreas venker

    Hallo erstmal .was ich auch mist finde ganz unten die stadt gansus,wenn ich dort mit überbreite fahre ,kome ich nicht durch den zoll komischerweise ist links davon soviel platz das mann dort durchfahren könnte ,ist auch nde machbahr ,oder eine karte mit umgehung gibts leider auchg ned ,ägerlich sowas ,da müsst ihr doch mal voher drüber nachdenken wie eine karte ohne problem funkioniert ,schade sowas wirklich schade ,erst überlegen und dann machen

  7. Cingiz Salmanov

    where can i choose a. mbd you saying? is that an in game option?

    1. On YouTube, write this to see a tuto > Wombat republic of aloma

      But the problem is to load the current game…for my own : impossible.

  8. Markezz99

    Where are is winter cities?

  9. 24Th of November


    2x downloaded from Aretei’s links :
    Unpack + install part #1 on top manager mod, then #2 #3 #4
    => game never load
    So I tried #4 on top, then #3 #2 #1
    => game never load more…

    Are the links still available ?
    Is this map just working ?


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