Map Republic of Aloma and Beyond the Baltic Sea 1.33

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Now the map Beyond the Baltic Sea has been added to the map of the Republic of Aloma.
Works only with “DLC – Beyond the Baltic Sea”!!!
Game Version 1.33
-Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: a.mbd
– For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “DLC – Italia”, “Dlc Oversize (Special Transport DLC), “DLC – Krone Trailer Pack”, “DLC – Schwarzmuller trailers”, “DLC – Beyond the Baltic Sea”.
-Attention! If the card does not work, it means that not all DLC are installed or hampered by other people’s fashion!

Mod uploaded to the site ShareMods with a link :
ml which is forbidden to change, forge and modify!

On other sites, keep the original link! Stop stealing bastards already!



8 thoughts on “Map Republic of Aloma and Beyond the Baltic Sea 1.33

  1. Serious? This map is for promotional DLC sell by SCS Software?

    1. crashingbill001

      I’m 200% with you, BigJohn, and SCS is trying to get A MAX of money out of our pockets.

      1. Little kids that can’t afford a DLC for a few bucks without crying! The names of you two says it all!

        1. crashingbill001

          We see who’s giving comment: a guest…..

          1. тебе родители не могут выделить несколько долларов на преобретние этого дополнения?

          2. Let the trolls speak for themselves, crashingbill001! It’s their only way to think they have friends, and to invent a life on the internet! 😛
            As modder and mapper, I never forced my community to buy any DLC! For once, the author requests the purchase of 7 DLC, for a total of 50 euros minimum! I can afford these acquisitions, in relation to my gaming group, but I do not support this action mandatory! As a creator, tester and collector of mods since 2008 (since 2013 on all licenses SCS Software), I would never encourage the use of this type of maps! And yet, I have in my possession all versions of the author, archived on a specific hard drive!
            After, everyone is free to encourage the production of poor quality of the initial studio, and to break the piggy bank with each abuse! 😉

    2. My map has always demanded “DLC – Beyond the Baltic Sea”, I just increased the map!

  2. Norbert Franke

    habe alle geforderten Mods und DLC runtergeladen.
    Die Karte Aloma doctor whohabe ich als Datei in den mod Ordner gepackt,natürlich als scs.
    Die neue Karte ist aber nicht installiert,was habe ich falsch gemacht?
    Was bedeutet ,,Start Durch ein neues Spiel in der Spieleinheit wählen Sie: a.mbd,,
    Muss ich ein neues Profil anlegen?
    Habe ich gemacht aber bei Region bleibt Europa grau und lässt sich nicht öffnen ?

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