Map RPM V2


This map is a fix for the previous version, the name of the scs file
has changed, now it is past Jayson2000 map in Map RPM V2!
What I fixed:

– Height of the road to reach the place where you can park trailers
– Height of fake trailers
– Bug sets, you can not see the empty!

What I added:

– A high voltage line
– Traffic signs but not very realistic unfortunately.

The Map does not work with 1.52 Promods and other maps that change the

Adding a physical terrain near the Channel Tunnel in the
UK, dangerous access!

Julien, surimi08 (Steven), Fred


One thought on “Map RPM V2

  1. thetrickster182

    I love this map, but I would like to be added a zone to Slalom and emergency braking zone, where the car or a truck be stopped. Congrats

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