MAPA EAA BUS v2.0.2 for 1.24


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Passenger bus transportation.
Update for 1.24
Fixed some bugs.

Game Version 1.24

Author Team EAA


9 Responses to MAPA EAA BUS v2.0.2 for 1.24

  1. reinaldo says:

    Congratulations for having managed to fix the EAA-BUS map to see 1:24, now we travel a lot ……

  2. Robert Dee says:

    Good job! THX 🙂

  3. tanapon says:

    Thank you Very much team EAA.

  4. radsan says:

    Good job! Thanks.

  5. Krawallbruder says:

    Tolls do not work or is there a trick how I should approach

  6. Nelson Arraiolos says:

    Boas, no próximo mapa do eaa bus para a versão 1.25 do ETS 2 poderiam colocar algumas skins de empresas portuguesas, como as que indico aqui, Rodoviária do Oeste, Rede Nacional de Expressos, Brraqueiro, Estremadura e Rodoviária do Alentejo. Caso necessitem de imagens eu poderei enviar. Obrigado

  7. Viktors says:


  8. Viktors says:

    Жду версию 1.25.кто быстрей LT или PL,сам из LV:)

  9. Truckercharly says:

    Congratulations for the error “incompatible” because manifest locked the selected version. The locking of the scs folder make it impossible to delete the line with the version to play it with higher versions of ETS2. Thanks for it. This map is realy useless right now.

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