Marchi ITA Trailers Pack v 2.0

Marchi ITA Trailers Pack-1 Marchi ITA Trailers Pack-2 Marchi ITA Trailers Pack-3

This pack adds 165 Trailers
Enabled in traffic
For versions 1.17.1 & 1.18.x
All trailers is standalone
DLC Scandinavia necessary

Version 2.0:
– Added 21 new Trailers
– Fixed a few bugs
– Improved compatibility with DLC Scandinavia

Author: sory87


5 thoughts on “Marchi ITA Trailers Pack v 2.0

  1. Does it work only with Scandinavia DLC installed?

    1. you have to try , for many loads are months at North, and possible crashes

  2. and this pack without wheels. from far away a car without wheels. even to put and not going to check.

    1. can get confused with another mod, I have personally tested

  3. It works for me also without Scandinavia DLC,so I think could be the same for all.I have the patch 1.18.3.

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