Marcopolo 1800DD G7 4 Skin

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Marcopolo 1800DD G7 4 Skins:
– Itapemirim Skin
– Garcia Skin
– Eucatur Skin
– Util Mix Skin

Author: Jozz


4 thoughts on “Marcopolo 1800DD G7 4 Skin

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Very nice!

    Little tip: make the windows in skin 3 (Itapemirim Skin (?)) black or gray, maybe it creates the effect of glass like the others?

    In my vrsion teh bus won’t work, otherwise i tried it,


    Freddy Jimmink

  2. Stephen Butler


    I realise you have created four different skins for this bus, but to call this post ‘4 skin’ leaves you open to some very immature sniggering from people like myself. When I grow up, I will try out this mod.


    1. Comment of the week.

  3. These are really good, how do you make a skin over the windows?

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