Marcopolo G7 1200 4×2 Bus v 2.0

Marcopolo-G7-1200-4x2-1 Marcopolo G7 1200 4x2-3 Marcopolo G7 1200 4x2-2

Marcopolo Bus + Skins


Modeling: By Erisson
Interior: By Uallace
Conversion: By linux
Animacion: By linux
Skin: Mega King, Tatoseg, Alfredo


26 thoughts on “Marcopolo G7 1200 4×2 Bus v 2.0

  1. Shaan E Millat

    Does this mod offer right-hand driving? If no, then it is totally disappointing.

    1. Tallman77

      I agree. Every bus mod on this site is left handed and its quite unfair :'(

  2. what is it with all these busses this is a truck sim not a bus sim game says euro truck 2 not euro bus 2

    1. Tallman77

      Let people enjoy the mods. If you don’t like it then don’t install the mod

  3. r32zabiser

    are you have another link? because i can’t download from this link


  5. Azért ezen van még mit javítani ! ! !

  6. where did you get the passengers?

      1. Ele Funciona em qual versão ???

  7. where i can get this bus?

  8. where do you buy the bus?
    please reply

    1. jake and Josh,
      You can buy the bus in Scania dealer …

  9. r32zabiser

    this is a nice mod, but i can’t skinning because a SCS file is locked

  10. thunderman1994

    I can’t take any passengers. Why????

  11. i can’t download this file

  12. Can I change a skin of the bus?

  13. How to change the skin? why you make it hard 🙁

  14. After placing the mods Scania trucks or the Dealers are not being opened why? Then from where do I purchase the bus

  15. Please reply me fastly

  16. my ets 2 is not working/not responding, if i save the bus mod

  17. Why it make my game crashes???:(

  18. hei, please make this mod compatible with 1.9.22 version bro. really need your help

  19. My favorite bus, but crashes on version of the game. Can you please make this bus compatible with this game version? Thanks !

  20. This is the best mo!

  21. muy bueno

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