Marcopolo G7 1600LD 6×2 Bus trial


Trial version: 1.4.8

Modeling: By Jozz
Interior: By Possatto — Textures: Carlos Peixoto

Converted: By LiNuX
Animation: By LiNuX

-Adán García
-Mateus Geraldo


18 thoughts on “Marcopolo G7 1600LD 6×2 Bus trial


  2. Sarkissian

    Mega is a #### site!
    Better upload this to Zippyshare!

  3. use google chrome

  4. A High Hamster

    to download from mega just right click the name of the file and click download

  5. Nice download was good and bus to but one problem is this normal that I have selected cargo and hooked cargo and add hooked ghost trailer if no what to do

    1. ihave waited a long time for this mod. The process is you hook a ghost trailer(which is the box) and deliver the product it contains to the new delivery point. But what is sad is the author has not found a way to put the pickup point at a bus station. note if the trailer turns into the truck it will cause the bus to go sideward when hooking it. But at least you can use it incombination with the truck system,just looks wierd

  6. DrifterNHS

    Nice mod. But sound volume in interior view is too low. I think more louder sound in interior view.
    and outside view(key 2), view range is too low. I think that range need higher(or just far range from original view range)

    1. every interior sounds in the game are low

  7. Bonsoir une petite question sur ce mod ou peut on le trouver ce bus ? dans quel concessionnaire svp ?

  8. Where do I buy this? I have checked all dealers, online and inside, but not found it. I can only see the wheels when I’m upgrading a truck.

    1. you can found it on scania dealer
      If the body or cab. Doesnt appear, rename the mods, add some ‘zzzzzzzzg7’ or whatever, untill the mod being in the bottom

  9. Mod author please make better version that can picup passenger in bus station and passenger cargo is new type of cargo not replace old truck trailer cargo

  10. still cant find it :l

  11. cuando voy a cargar el autobus con los pasajeros el juego se me ginda

    1. 这个怎么用啊 ??在经销商照不到车啊!能不能说明呢?

  12. The how to use ah?? Not according to the car dealers in the ah! Can you explain?

  13. plese update it to 1.4.12!!!

  14. G7 1800 for Patch 1.16?

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