Marcopolo G7 DD 8×2 v 4.0


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Tested on version 1.22
Marcopolo G7 V4 8×2
Bring 3 Options dampers
35skin that you can enjoy
5 pack of wheels
6 types of tintiados alos critales
new dvd for the bus
a new cell to the inside
new passengers
up and down the bus
munchas things and hope you enjoy it more

Author: Linux,jozz,Chalyyy


8 Responses to Marcopolo G7 DD 8×2 v 4.0

  1. RomanAks says:

    good coach but he lacks accesories DLS ,author, make please in the following versions accessories ,some TV sets near the driver , more external tuning ,lights ,antennas ,air conditioning and Oh yeah definitely wheeled version of 8×4

  2. Speng says:

    Nice exterior update! But the driver’s cabin still has no usable side windows. It’s still impossible to see oncoming traffic. 🙁

  3. sam says:

    very bad physics

  4. David says:

    A very good bus, the best I’ve driven so far, it’s design is superb other than that, the suspension is not so good, I personally think the interior could use more work especially on the passengers’ side and you can’t see on-coming traffic from the inside.

  5. duy says:

    1.24 ok?

  6. a9373662 says:


  7. Anonim says:

    Working for 1.30?

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