Marcopolo Paradiso G6 1800 DD 6×2*4

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Original Interior Marcopolo.
AO baked
Sound Marcopolo
with Peruvian skins
Works on 1.27.x – 1.28.x
Acquire Dealer Scania
Tested in 1.28.x
Full credits:
Models: Megaking
Converted: Carlos

Megaking, Carlos & Linux


15 thoughts on “Marcopolo Paradiso G6 1800 DD 6×2*4

  1. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  2. AzoraxModdingGaming

    HD Test Video 1080p 1.28:

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. Full HD Complete test video-

  5. Very Bad Bus mod…

    1. thomasbus31

      Can you please stop with those negative comments. I see you on almost every mod page and the only thing you say is bad mod. This bus mod (and almost all other mods you say are bad) is a very nice model and is good. STOP SAYING BAD MOD BAD MOD, because its so freakin annoying…..

    2. maicon_canedo1995

      An unloved person, only knows how to criticize. Make a better and better way.

    3. maicon_canedo1995

      An unloved person, only knows how to criticize. It makes a mod better!!

    4. Whats wrong with you dude? Last time I saw your comment is a disgusting racist word against a Chinses truck mod, and this time is an unreasonable criticism to someone else. Why wont you just shut up and make your own mod to satisfy yourself?

  6. ###…..Please more Videos!

  7. MREnglishGamer

    HD test video at

  8. Great job. I love your animations. I wish someone would bother to make mods cars so good

  9. hey!+###!!+where+is+sound?!+Sound+is+heard+at+camera+1,+but+no+sound+is+heard+at+the+other+camera!!!

  10. Warley felipe

    Olá meu nome é warley !
    Eu encontrei esse modelo bus março pólo g6 1800dd quando eu jogava na versão 1.28 e uso ele desde então pra mim e o modelo mais perfeito q já vi porém atualmente na versão 1.31 ele não funciona mais. Eu gostaria de saber se é possível disponibilizar uma atualização dele pois acredito que muita gente amo jogar com esse modelo! Obrigado

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