Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 8×2 Over game 2019 version

A brief history:
In 2016 I made the mod, Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 8x2_Over game. That mod was done on top of Joseline’s work, I just added the skins, which were also the work of other modders, (I couldn’t find the names to credit them), and made the necessary adjustments to the game version (1.25).
I am now releasing an update from that mod to version 1.35 of ETS2. This version was based on that 2016 mod, and the EAA Team mod, so credits go to the proper authors.

Update to version 1.35 of the game, added two more skins, now there are 8:
* Expresso São Luiz
* Útil
* Penha
* Cometa
* Catarinense
* Itapemirim
* Garcia
* Pedra Azul
————————————————– —–
Running perfectly on version 1.25
6 skins from Brazilian companies:
* Itapemirim
* Útil
* Cometa
* Penha
* Expresso São Luiz
* Catarinense
————————————————– —–
Mod Creation
————————————————– —–
Buy the bus at Scania

I didn’t model the bus or edit the skins, I just added the skins and did the adaptation work for the current version of the game.

* Joseline, by the original mod
* EAA Team
* Over game by this mod.

This mod is free, don’t buy, don’t sell!


Over game


14 thoughts on “Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 8×2 Over game 2019 version

  1. jayontheway228

    game crashes in salon

    1. HenriqueSantos

      reverse the name of the mod author,
      and you get the answer to the problem 🙂

      1. JoachimK

        Yes, Game over Man… LOL

      2. Over game

        HenriqueSantos, kkkk.

        I tested the solo mod and other mods, working normal here! I didn’t even have to set priority! Maybe you’re having trouble, because it’s incompatible with another mod of yours, try leaving the mod with high priority (doesn’t need to be at the top)

    2. manfredon64

      an error with the steering wheel

  2. texasman

    fake mod , this bus is old not updated to 1.35 not running in DX11 fake

    1. Over game

      And where, in the description, that I said runs on DX11?
      Respect the work of others. Yes, it’s not working on DX11, because DX11 on ETS2 is still experimental

      1. texasman

        is respect mods but its need to say dx11 or sx9…..respect both sides……there are many mods running dx11 just the author needs to make it work dx11 ….

  3. the wippers don,t move water

    1. Over game

      Not tested in the rain brother, I will do and try to release an update

  4. Reinaldo da Silva

    Parabéns pelo trabalho da atualização… essa v1.25 foi uma das melhores versões, foi nessa que praticamente todo os mods começaram…

  5. hello thanks for the mod .. but change to the 8×4 version the game closes with error do you know any solution? thank you

  6. Thanks you so much,
    An upgrade for the wipers wud be Good

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