Marcopolo Torino

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– Available at the dealership Mercedes-Benz
– 1 types of cabins
– 2 types of chassis
– 10 types of engines
– 3 types of transmissions
– 2 types of interior
– Tested in version 1.24.x

Author: Lucas Morais

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DOWNLOAD 12 MB [Uploadfiles]

8 Responses to Marcopolo Torino

  1. Nerowskyymonster says:

    Test video plz. 😉

  2. D says:

    when will you give Vin Diesel his steering wheel back ? because it looks ridiculous on a bus!

  3. gerd_e says:

    May this bus looks nice, BUT as soon as I activated it in modmanager, the driving physics of ALL trucks changes dramatically: Before installing your bus, every truck goes fine and soft around corners, after added your bus, then by driving through corners (wide and close ones), every truck is shaking around as if you drive over big stones. It’s not drivable at all. I deleted the bus from modmanager and from the mod folder – and everything goes fine again. So you have to look into your bus files and to rework the physics.

    • gerd_e says:

      Sorry for my wrong placed comment here. It berelongs to another bus and not to yours. Sorry again……
      Admin: Can you delete my above comments, please?

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