Mascarello Roma 370 6×2

Mascarello Roma 370 6×2 Volvo B12R.

The bus has:
> 18 skins from real Brazilian companies;
> 2 chassis 6×2 – midlift & standard;
> 2 engines;
> 3 transmissions;
> Own interiors;
> Few accessories;
> Own sound.
Full credits:
Model: Julio Vega
Edition, animations & adaption into ETS2: Fabian Espinoza
Skins: Paulo Marcos
Updating: VFA Coringa

Buy it at Volvo dealer. Mod working nicely for ETS2 v1.30.x

Julio Vega, Fabian Espinoza, VFA Coringa


2 thoughts on “Mascarello Roma 370 6×2

  1. If you have texture missing problems, download this fix:!9YNTkByI!dw1pBKa6vB-VD7pkFpZAh9fco9F7s3p7PBRIgOxLzvo

  2. Doesnt work in 1.31 update

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