Master of Puppets Skin for Volvo FH16 2012

Hi, this skin it’s based on “Master of Puppets”, the 3rd album from METALLICA. Exclusively for Globetrotter XL cabin of Volvo FH16 2012. Sorry but ,on Sleeper and Globetrotter cabins it doesn’t match exactly due to the air intake on the left side of the truck.

Works on all chassis even with the 8×4, with some little different skin exclusively for this chassis.

Changed the light box “Globetrotter” by “Master of Puppets”
Important: This mod will change the “Globetrotter” light box of all FH16 2012 Volvos in the game, disable it in order to get the original light box.

Tested on 1.34.x

I recommend ReShade plugin to enjoy full color in my skins.

I hope you like it and enjoy it!
If you like this skin, give it a thumbs up!
Cheers! m/m/m/

No copyright infringement intended.
All credits own METALLICA and Don Brautigam (cover autor) for this paint job.
I’m only a fan that adapt the skin for our trucks in ETS2.
R.I.P. Cliff Burton & Don Brautigam.

Alex Cerrato


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