Maters trailer update 1.30 FIX Final

I hope i fixed all errors now, clean log file so far.
-tearplate fixed also on traffic trailer.
-collisions fixed
-lift the axels on the empty traffic trailers
-update the manifest
thank you for your feedback

replace new file with the older one in mod folder, do not extract.

grtz zeeuwse trucker

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS


4 thoughts on “Maters trailer update 1.30 FIX Final

  1. Asphroxia

    many thanks for the fixes! much appereciated
    after a quick inspection everything seems to be ok!

  2. Helllo, looks great! Can I paint it in other color?


    It is a very nice mod but Please remove that two liftable axles and make this trailer just like original: 3 axles with single wheels and the last one is steerable. If you are from NL, you should know that this trailer has not so many axles and tires in real life 🙂

    1. zeeuwse_trucker

      then you should pay attention when you are on the road, there are trailers like this and i made it from original existing trailers.
      try google

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