Maters trailer update 1.30 FIX

Maters trailer fixed tearplate. (by request)
– version 1.30xx ready for Italy map.
– stand alone.
– in traffic.
– removed beacon from traffic trailer, except concrete cargo.
– liftable axels
– steerable axels
– trailer beacon
– edited scs bricktrailer custom made rear end by Zeeuwse Trucker

Grtz Zeeuwse

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS


8 thoughts on “Maters trailer update 1.30 FIX

  1. Asphroxia

    thx mate 🙂

  2. Zeeuwse Trucker, this mod is update for “Brick Trailer Fixed” (, or it is fullest standalone?

  3. Asphroxia

    after looking more closely half of the trailers still have the messed up treadplate, mainly the ones with a cargo

    1. zeeuwse_trucker

      i made the tearplate new from scratch, only forgot the traffic trailer to update. for the collision i did not notice, but i will look at that too.

      why can’t i do it right in the first place, well i do not have the time and did not want to keep tou waiting.


  4. There is some problem with the collision of the trailer. The collision box is shorter than the trailer length. Traffic moves through the rear of the trailer.

    1. zeeuwse_trucker

      found the problem, no collision in cargo planks, i have fixt that, also the tearplate on some cargo’s is fixed. i will upload tomorrow.

  5. zeeuwse_trucker

    if my mod is not online today, you can dowload the final version here:

    1. Zeeuwse, thank you. Your mod is wonderful B)

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