MAZ 504B v 2.6 Rework for 1.26.X – 1.24.X


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MAZ 504B v2.6 [Reworked}
Buy in showroom MAN
Added Wheels Off-Road.
Added Army SKINS.
Added New interior for Maz 504B.
Real sound truck Maz-504B.
Tested versions in ETS2: 1.26.x, 1.25.x, 1.24.x.

Authors: Fox071rus, Stas556, Kriechbaum, Kosa6414 Reworked by Unic specially for Added Upgrades: MaxaGent


5 thoughts on “MAZ 504B v 2.6 Rework for 1.26.X – 1.24.X

  1. Andrew Bukin

    Upload from “mods_ats”.

  2. I like this truck I used it to take a Extra long trailer its struggled at first shaking around lot but once we got going it went lovely 🙂

    1. GamerLionfish

      I can’t even drive it for some reason, no matter which engine or transmission I use for it. It operates very funky; sometimes it goes backwards while on the first gear & you can’t even accelerate in it. Is there anyway to solve this problem? This is because I really want to use this truck in the game so freaking badly. Thanks for the help.

  3. Albert96rus

  4. GamerLionfish

    What transmission/shifting option via E.T.S.2 do you use to change gears & to accelerate & brake the truck? I tried it with sequential & it did absolutely nothing; it didn’t really accelerate & sometimes, even on neutral or any other gear that wasn’t reverse, it backs up entirely unexpected. I experienced this exact same problem with the Kam.A.Z 53212-5410 & the Kam.A.Z 65111. Please help me. Thanks, a lot.

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