MAZ-504V for v1.24.x – 1.23.x


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MAZ-504V (Classiacal Russian Truck)
* Dealer shop MAN
* 1 Cabin
* 1 Chassis 6×2
* 2 Engine + 2 New {750hp – 1000hp}
* 2 Transmission + 2 New {10_speed[LONG]} for offroad
* 1 Interior
* New Sound Truck
* Your WHEELS!!!
* Fixed physics truck
* Adapted for versions 1.24.x 1.23.x.
* Tested on version:
* ATTENTION!!! For the correct work of MOD to remove mod MAZ 5432-6422 v5.03.

* Author mod: Kosa6414 * Author adaptation: MaxaGent


6 Responses to MAZ-504V for v1.24.x – 1.23.x

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Not download. Errors… ! Texture from the Mirros is missing

  2. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL
    Video test

  3. Wowilla says:

    Почему то нет текстуры зеркала ! Автор взялся бы – сделал тюнинг,аксессуары,шторки на задние окна,спойлер, КПП реальные,да и звук получше – глядишь получился бы классный советский головастик !!! ЖДЁМС !!!

  4. GamerLionfish says:

    I really hate the texture on the floor below the truck & I’d really love for that bug to please be fixed. However, this is otherwise an awesome truck & this is 1 of my favourite mods in ETS2/the game.

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