MAZ 5340-5440-6430_А8 v1.31.xx

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– Bought in showrooms – MAN.
– 3 types of chassis: 5440А8 (4х2); 6430А8 (6х4); 5340А8 (tent 4×2).
– Your own wheels + real sounds from dealer MAZ.
– Your factory color and metallic.
– Extensive tuning on the truck MAZ.
– Support for DLC “Cabin Accessories and National Flags Window”.
– Support with the mod “Sisl’s Mega pack v2.6”.
– Support advanced simulation coupling of a trailer (only for chassis 5440/6430).
– No support for animation of the cables under the trailers!
– Files models converted to the new 3D format to work on a new version of ETS2.
– Updated galleries and companies trucks!
– Fixed and adapted to work in any version of the game ETS2 “v1.31.x”.
– In the log is relatively clean!

– Test version:

– Authors: knox_xss, Dark_Wolf, AlexeyP, Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86, Nik_1MTK, Ra1ley, MiRoN, Fanis, By_maz_man, MRD_BMZ


10 thoughts on “MAZ 5340-5440-6430_А8 v1.31.xx

  1. grz x il camion e molto bello anche con bdf sei unico che fa camion con tanti telai anche con bdf sai nessuno fa camion con tanti telai anche bdf io non capisco perche non fanno anche iveco bus e camion bdf a trazione integrale e normale e iveco daily che vada bene ecco grz ciaoo

    1. Lilo is Good


  2. By the way, very cool truck MAZ from the Russian, I advise everyone!!
    Made very high quality, but that’s no animation of the cables under the trailer, but all anyway, I really like it!

    1. Abdurrezak3500

      You mean Belorussian Truck right (Because MA3 is a Belorussian truck)

  3. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here 😀

  4. grz x the truck and very nice even with bdf you’re unique that makes trucks with many frames even with bdf you know no one makes trucks with many frames also bdf I do not understand why they do not also make iveco buses and trucks with all-wheel drive and normal and iveco daily that goes well here is grz ciaoo


  6. Can upload D-TEC trailer ?

  7. YobaPower

    Не работает салонная подсветка,хотя лампу я установил,в остальном суперский мод.Исправьте недостаток,про который я написал и будет 10/10 мод

  8. Popk1ller

    test video (german). Cool truck!

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