MAZ-5340/5440/6430 A8 (1.24)


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New in this version:

+ Improvements and fixes in the model.
+ Improved and optimized background.
+ Added animated wipers for the external model and redesigned the wipers at the sight of the cabin.
+ Added option chassis 5340 with the placement of the attachment point on the regular place for trailers (unfortunately, I was unable to try it because did not find a suitable trailer. But even if in theory this option would be too).
+ Support advanced simulation coupling of a trailer (only for chassis 5440/6430).
+ Added additional option darker the exhaust pipe (in the tuning).
+ Added fog of TN-105 (tuning) installation on bumper.
+ Small change slots for accessories in the cab.
+ Support DLC “National Window Flags.

+ Improvements and fixes for the residence.
+ Updated the registration, chassis and other items under the requirements of version 1.24.
+ Fixed registration of the camera in the cabin.
+ Added torque curves in the residence of the engines (at factory specs) and fixed parameters of the engine brake.
+ Improved compatibility of the residence wheels with DLC “Wheel Tuning Pack
+ Registration of components to work with the DLC “Cabin Accessories and National Flags Window” in a separate archives to improve stability in the game without DLC.

+ Other:
+ Fixed physics trailer stealth chassis 5340.

– Known bugs that still does not work fix:
– shot down a normal cab and other details.
– manifested with the distance grid of polygons on some parts (although only slightly).
– probably, there were other undetected problems…

Tested on version: 1.24

– For use with DLC “Cabin Accessories and National Flags Window” connect relevant archives with a residence permit components.
– If You are going to play with the chassis MAZ-5340 (tent), then connect the mod to the cargo with a higher priority of this mod.

Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86, Nik_1MTK, Ra1ley, MiRoN, Fanis, By_maz_man, MRD_BMZ


2 Responses to MAZ-5340/5440/6430 A8 (1.24)

  1. MikoMike says:

    Wich Showroom?!

  2. BS1 says:

    One of the best truck mods. Thank you!

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