MAZ 6422 (1981) ETS2 v1.43.x + Trailer

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought in MAN and Dealers of MAZ Modifications.
Native salon.
Not a big tuning.
1 chassis and 1 cab.
Fuel tank with a volume of 950 liters.
There are accessories in the cabin + toys from STEAM.
Its wheels.

Recent change:
Fixed a log with errors and warnings for a 100% clean version. (Perfect, clean log)
Converted all 3D Models of the “PMG” truck, as well as all the “PMA” animation.
Improved truck braking system (no stiffness)
Improved handling – this is the power steering and suspension.
Improved truck lighting in the near and far distance.
Removed some file conflicts in upgrades.
Fixed the hanging walkie-talkie in the interior. (The cord of the walkie-talkie twitched in convulsions) 🙂
Fixed incorrect operation of the dashboard.
Fixed and improved the display of side mirrors.
Fixed the operation of the on-board computer and GPS.
Added 5 types of (FMOD) sounds and 5 types of engines.
There are also gear shift sounds.
Fixed in dealer, company and truck gallery.
Supports multiplayer with Convoy mode.

Test on version 1.43.x

Authors: JAWA, Stas556.
Adaptation, revision: AJIEHA.
Animation of steering wheel and windows: AJIEHA.
Model conversion: MaxX_AGENT.
Improvements and fixes in the log: MaxX_AGENT.


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